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At Naillinis Nails & Spa, we are dedicated to providing the highest of luxury and sanitation for our customers.

All services can be combined to create your ultimate spa experience.

Naillinis Manicure services


Classic Manicure $.25.00

This classic manicure will consist of trimming, cuticle work, a basic massage and polish of your choice.

Deluxe Manicure $30.00

Our Classic manicure plus exfoliation, a moisturizing mask, and paraffin

Aromatherapy $45.00

This nourishing treatment comprises of your choice of exfoliation sugar scrub, a moisturizing mask, warm towels wrap, and paraffin treatment. This will definitely improve your dried cuticles, cracked skin and aids in replenishing moisture.  This aromatic manicure includes a 10-minute neck and shoulder massage.

Delight Manicure $50.00

Our aromatic manicure with a 15-minute neck and shoulder massage. Hot stone included. 


Gel Polish Manicure: (cuticle grooming and massage)  $45.00

Gel French Manicure: (cuticle grooming and massage) $50.00



Manicure $20.00

Pedicure $30.00

Hand Polish $10.00

Toes Polish $10.00

Naillinis Pedicure Services


Classic Pedicure $35.00

This spa pedicure consists of trimm​ing, cuticle work, exfoliation, a basic massage and polish of your choice.

Deluxe Pedicure $40.00

Our spa pedicure ​with callus removal, sugar scrub exfoliation, a moisturizing mask, warm towels wrap, a 10-minute massage, and polish of your choice (no paraffin )

Signature Pedicure $45.00

Indulge your senses while being massaged with our Orange-scented treatment. Lift away dead skin with an AHA perfecting mask for exfoliation, a sugar scrub, a choice of hot stone massage or paraffin, warm towels wrap, a ​15-minute massage, finished with nail polish.

Aromatherapy $60.00

An aromatic infusion of essential oils that effectively stimulates stress relief, recharge energy, improves focus and mood. With a creative combination of sugar scrub, mask, hot stone massage and paraffin treatment, this nourishing treatment heals dried, cracked skin and aids in replenishing moisture, comfort, and of course - happiness to your legs and feet. A 22-minute massage is included.

Delight Pedicure $70.00

Our aromatherapy pedicure plus a 10-minute neck and shoulder massage. Hot stone included.




Fingernails Polish Change $15.00

Toes Polish Change $15.00

Enhancement Removal $13.00

Ombre Nails $15.00

Add-On Gel Polish $20.00

Gel Cat Eyes/Gel Mermaid $10.00+

Add-On Cuticle Grooming $10.00

Paraffin/Stone Stones $8.00

Extra Massage (10 Minutes) $12.00

P&W Repair $5.00+

Arts, Shape $5.00+

Neck and Shoulder Massage

Hot Stones Massage

Paraffin Mask

Honey Sugar Scrubs

Essential Oils

Naillinis Nail Enhacement services


SNS Dipping Color $45.00

Dipping French $55.00

Dipping Ombre $55.00

Gel Dip Manicure  $55


+ Set:   $35.00
+ Fill:   $30.00
Acrylic with Gel Color
+ Set:   $50.00
+ Fill:   $45.00
Pink & White
+ Set:   $55.00 
+ Fill:   $45.00

Glam & Glits Acrylic

+ Set:   $50.00
+ Fill:   $40.00

Glam & Glits Ombre

+ Set:   $55.00
+ Fill:   $45.00
Hard Gel (UV - Builder)
+ Set:   $45.00
+ Fill:   $35.00

Hard Gel with Gel Polish
+ Set:   $60.00
+ Fill:   $50.00

Toe Nails

+ Set:   $40.00
+ Fill:   $35.00
Tap Hybrid  Gel
+ Set:   $65.00
+ Fill:   $55.00
Tap Hybrid  Gel French
+ Set:   $70.00
Naillinis Waxing Services


Lip $8.00

Chin $10.00

Eyebrows $10.00

Whole Face $35.00 & Up

Chest $45.00 & Up

Back $45.00 & Up

Half Arms $25.00 & Up

Full Arms $40.00 & Up

Underarms $20.00 & Up

Half Legs $35.00 & Up

Full Legs $50.00 & Up

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